A compact, mini spy pen writes and offers the look off an effortless ballpoint or fountain pen, yet made to conceal a fully functional video and audio camera. An invisible camera such as this best unit for discreet and undetected recordings.
Recording time on these mini cameras can run from 60 — 180 minutes, and that is certainly often into the capabilities and technology of your particular pen. One touch control is frequently activated which has a click from the the surface of the pen to capture real-time car stereo images. Playback can often be by way of a standard thumb-drive concealed inside pen.

A miniature memory or thumb drive can accept 2 — 4GB of footage. These thumb-drives fit a USB socket for ease in uploading data to a PC, laptop, or PDA. All recorded images is usually stored or achieved on the laptop’s hard disk drive as appropriate. Connecting a mini camera with a computer’s USB port is additionally one convenient way of recharging a depleted battery.
Together with pen, a miniature spy camera can be conceal within a range of ordinary items, say for example a couple of sunglasses, a close look, an automobile keychain, or possibly a packet of gum. All of these objects appear the same as the the real guy on the outside, so no one is aware a recording is going on.
A covert or hidden listening device, genuinely camera pens are excellent surveillance gadgets, which make it a whole lot of much easier to position in plain sight.
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